Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our dossier is off to China!!!

We have just completed a big step! As you know, we have been done with our dossier for awhile now. We were just waiting to pay our processing fee. We have had several fundraisers since then to help us with that fee; such as, Scentsy, Origami Owl, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, and Lost Pizza Co. Thank you to everyone who supported us with participating in these fundraisers! We were able to make our payment with these fundraisers. We mailed in that payment last week and yesterday our adoption agency sent us a email confirming that FedEx just picked up our Dossier to be mailed to the CCCWA in China. It will take the CCCWA up to four weeks to log in our information. After we are logged in, they will put us on the child referral list. This is where they will start matching us with a little girl. When you are matched, they send you pictures and a profile of a child. They say this process usually takes from one to six months. However, they said they are experiencing low family lists, so this could be on the shorter end for us. It is sad that there is not a lot of people adopting right now, but it is good for us being matched sooner. Once we are matched, we have to send them a LOA (letter of acceptance). Then, we owe them the biggest chunk yet!!! We have to pay them that before we can even go get her. Then, they will send us our travel information. So, we will still continue to have fundraisers to help us pay this fee. We will probably do the Orange Leaf and Lost Pizza Co again when it gets a little warmer outside. I know we will have some fundraisers at the church soon like a Spa Day and/or spaghetti dinner. I will keep you posted about these when we get closer to the time of the fundraiser itself.

Here is the picture that we sent in with our Dossier that the CCCWA people will use with logging us in and matching us with a little girl:

 Three months ago, I was hoping that we would be matched by Christmas that way we would have the best Christmas gift ever, but things didn't work out that way. But, we still have a very handsome boy that we love so much to spend Christmas with. He needs a little sister to love and protect, also. I will take China getting our dossier as a Christmas present. Maybe we will be matched around Valentine's day!?!

Merry Christmas everyone! Somewhere out there, there is a little girl who is not going to have a family to celebrate Christmas with this year, but she will next year. Sophie, we love you where ever you are and can't wait to bring you home to this loving family.