Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a Girl!

Well, we were not matched for Valentine's Day, but we were matched in the month of February!!! I got the call on Tuesday, February 26 at 12:30. I was sitting in class reading with my seniors and my phone vibrated, I didn't pay much attention to it, because I figured we were not going to be matched in February since China pretty much shuts down to celebrate their Chinese New Year during this month. So, our school secretary comes down to my room and says a woman has called twice for me and said it was urgent. I looked at the number, the area code was not MS or TN, could this be the CALL, I thought?!? I went across the hall to ask a teacher who was off that period if he would watch my students while I made a phone call. I went in his room to make the call and it was them, it was our agency!!! The adoption rep was about as happy as I was. She said the child was older than what we were expecting, we were wanting one around 18 months. She is two. After getting off the phone with her, I called Dustin and told him we were just matched! He couldn't believe it either. My planning period was coming up in 30 minutes. So, I received permission to leave early. That way Dustin and I could open the email together to see her profile and pictures! We were told we had until 6:00 pm tomorrow to decide yes or no on this child referral and send in our LOI (letter of intent). But, who could say no to any child? When we saw her picture, we both fell in love with her. There was no way we could say no that precious face! She doesn't look like she's two, she is so tiny!

Her name will be Sophie Wei. We are keeping her first name as her middle name. She is two years old. She loves music and dancing. Her favorite toy is a doll ( I know what I will be shopping for now). She is very shy (as my sisters and I were growing up). She is from Guangzhou, China. She is healthy.

Here are the referral pictures that made us fall in love with our sweet Sophie Wei:

So, of course, we sent our LOI in for Sophie as soon as possible. We are now waiting on the LOA and our travel approval. More paperwork and financial stress! We have to have so much money before we can even go get her. So, be on the look out for some upcoming fundraisers. We want to bring this little girl home soon. Her birthday is in August, so we would love to bring her home before her birthday!

Pray for us as we continue through our adoption process. We started this process in March almost a year ago and now we have our Sophie. We just need to bring her home!