Saturday, October 5, 2013

Two Months since Sophie!

It has been two months since we have been home with Sophie. She has had no problems adjusting. She has had a lot of "firsts" since we have been back home. She had her first Waffle House, she loves some waffles and scrambled eggs. She has had her first "birthday" with us. She opened her first birthday present on her actual birthday with just us. We took her out to eat to a Chinese Buffet and loved it. The employees there even spoke to her in Cantonese and she still understood what they were saying, so she hasn't lost her native language yet. She also had her first birthday party. Her brother's birthday is just one day before hers, so we had a joint birthday party for them. I was a little worried how she would do on a moon bounce, but she was fine. She just jumped away. She wasn't scared at all. She was so busy that I could hardly get any good pictures of her. She had a Sofia the First cake, which her big brother picked out, and David Ryan had a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake. They both had a blast. We had friends and family at the party and she did fine with all of them; she likes all the attention anyway. We sang "Happy Birthday" to David Ryan and let him blow out his candles first, since he is the oldest. But, when it was Sophie's turn and we all started to sing "Happy Birthday" to her while bringing out her cake, her eyes got so big. She enjoyed it! She even had no problems blowing out her candles. Everyone at the party was impressed about how good her appetite was; she had two pizza slices. Then, it was time to open the presents. Of course, David Ryan had no problem with this part. Once Sophie saw David Ryan start in on his presents, she was all about it. She wasn't overwhelmed or anything, she knew those were "Sophie's things". She really got excited over a dress up princess dress and pajamas; she loves clothes.

Sophie has been to her first Mustangs football game. Her daddy is one of the coaches of a high school football team. She did fine at the game, she just wore this momma out. She was constantly moving from bleacher to bleacher or trying to jump from bleacher to bleacher. Thank goodness "Granny" was there, because one more kid does make a difference and with Sophie it is like having two more. She is a little busy thing.

Sister and brother are playing and getting along a little better. Their favorite thing to do is to chase each other around the house. David Ryan has become more accepting of her than she has of him, but she is learning. It's all about Sophie or at least Sophie thinks it should be like that. She is learning that she has a brother that needs attention and loving, too. She does like to chase him around the house trying to give him kisses. She has started calling him "Bubba" since she can't say David Ryan. She does like to make sure Bubba is coming with us when it is time to go somewhere. She gets his shoes for him and tells him it is time to go. She does love her Bubba and she even tells him  'I  oove you Bubba"

Sophie went to her first Disney on Ice show. Of course, David Ryan loved it; he is a Disney fanatic. Sophie had a good time, too. She didn't sit still in her seat, but she loved when Minnie Mouse came out. She got really excited and started cheering & dancing for Minnie Mouse. And when Minnie left the stage, she was asking "where Minnie go?" She loves Minnie Mouse, I wonder if her room being done in Minnie Mouse has any affect on that.

Sophie was invited to her first birthday party. One of my mentors (during our adoption) invited us to their little girl's birthday party. She did fine in a house that she has never been to and people she has never met before.

I had to start going back to work after Labor Day. She is staying with my mom, but I was still worried with how she would do all day there since I haven't left her at moms for long periods. Before I went back to work, I did leave her over there for short periods while I ran errands to get her use to staying over there. On the first day leaving her, she did fine. She has another little girl about her age to play with over there. They have become the best of little friends; even though they fight and argue over toys, they still love each other. Every morning on the way to mom's, Sophie is always asking about Harper. She loves her mawmaw and pawpaw, but she is crazy about her pawpaw (my dad). She is always running to him with arms wide open when he gets off of work.

Dustin's brother and family came out one weekend to visit. They all fell in love with her. Emma has been the only girl on that side for a while now; I think she is glad to have another little girl in the family. Emma loved carrying her around like a little doll and Sophie loved the attention. Also, mom went out of town one Friday, so Dustin's mom ("Granny") watched Sophie and they had a great day together with eating at McDonald's and shopping for clothes. Sophie loves clothes, so she had a blast. She did fine staying with "Granny" also. She knows who her family is.

Sophie has also started to go to her own Sunday School class. At first, we brought her in our Sunday School class, so it wouldn't be so overwhelming. But, now she is going to her own class with no problems. I think she loves going to church on Sundays, because she gets to dress up in her dressy dresses, shoes, and bows. She likes to look at herself in the mirror and say "oh, pretty!" The people at church just eat her up. She just waves at everyone and tells them hey or bye.

Sophie has learned what the time out chair is. Lately, she has been testing us. We are trying to correct her behavior early now so it won't become a big problem in the future. She knows what the time out chair is now, she starts crying even before we sit her in it, hahaha. But, she is spending less time there as the weeks continue; she's learning.

Sophie is understanding more and more. She pretty much understands whatever you say, but still can't fully speak the English language. She continues to picks up a few words every now and then. Her favorite word is "NO" and sometimes her favorite word gets her into trouble, especially when I ask her to do something and she tells me no. She pretty much has all the food words down. She is starting to go to her room on her own and play with her toys. She is still not engaging too much in her toys. Whenever she sees someone else playing, she will play. Her activity is following me around the house. She now lets Dustin put her to bed. She hates footed pajamas. And she doesn't like her feet being covered up with a blanket. She always pulls her blanket up off of her feet. Most of the time I can get her to wear socks. She will have to get use to wearing socks in the winter in Mississippi. She is no longer living in a tropical climate. She is getting more affectionate. She will hug, kiss, and rub your face. She has stopped the head butting. She mocks whatever you do. She has a bubbly personality, so I don't know where the information on her profile about her being shy came from. She is still tiny; three years old and wearing 18 months and 24 months clothes. She can't say her Zs. There are other words and letters that she has trouble saying so she may be in speech like her Bubba. On her adoption profile, it did say she had a speech and language delay. Sometimes she just jabbers on and on, we don't know if she is just jabbering or speaking Cantonese.

In a couple of weeks, we will have our Fall Break. We are planning to visit my sister and her family in Clarksville. We will see how Sophie does on her first road trip. Since she can't sit still for very long, the four hour car ride may be interesting.